Natalie Straughn aka Natski…

Natalie Straughn aka Natski
Associated by: Firstly friend and secondly specialist Mentor to young people
Firstly I will start by expressing extreme gratitude for being able to reconnect to Natski as a
In my opinion a friend should bring joy and positive energy and that is exactly what Natski brings
anytime I am around her, talk to her or even when we are messaging each other. I hope to remain
friends with Natalie as we may not see each other all the time but in my opinion we definitely
have a real positive connection!
Secondly I am also fortunate to know Natalie as a Mentor and an educator to young people.
I had the opportunity to work alongside Natalie with us both supporting the same young people
but within a different capacity.
I have worked with young people within different roles for a number of 13 years which means I
have come in to contact with numerous mentors over time, however Natalie has stood out as a
mentor for various reasons.
Natalie has shown she is very committed to her role and has gone above and beyond to make
sure the young people she is working with feel valued, safe and motivated.
Natalie has shown she has many skills working with young people such as giving the young
people the tools and skills to succeed through their time in education which will also take them
through to when they become young adults. These skills include installing confidence, installing
knowledge not just academically but installing life skills too, empathising, being patient,
communicating with the young people on a respectful level and making sure each young person
feels able to have dreams and ambitions.
I can state these things because I know it to be true from witnessing the work she does with
young people.
The young people that I have worked with that has had the opportunity to be mentored by
Natalie has reflected on themselves and shown progress with their attitude and behaviour.
I will finish off by stating that Natalie is truly an inspirational, passionate and talented lady.

Antoinette Gordon