Arts, crafts and food…winning formula!

Since the age of five I think my mum had me involved in everything going. It’s funny because even up to now my mum feels bad she didn’t get me into a performing arts school. Erm hello mum! Did you know such a thing existed? If you did do you think it would have been close to Leyton? No, I don’t think so. She put so much pressure on herself.

My mum was and still is super.

She ensured I was enrolled in ballet, tap and African dance. This was the start of it all.

Even though I was bullied in various dance classes (because of my weight) I never lost my love for dance.

I danced through school, college and university. I’ve even had the opportunity to choreograph, teach, perform and feature in two music videos. It goes to show that you can never stray too far from what you love.

As an adult it’s a must you go through peaks and valleys. Sometimes you lose sight of what gets your heart pumping and you go for what you think you should do. You ignore, delay, ignore, delay and the cycle goes on and on.

I stopped dancing for a mighty long time. I would dance at home or socially but that would be it.

This year the dance beast has awoken along with the music beast! Crikey!

Back in the day I use to play the cello. From the age of 14 I became an MC then I went onto rapping. In 2003 I was working on my first album but that dream didn’t end the way I wanted. It left me heartbroken to be honest. This lead me to stop being creative for a while. A long while.

Fast forward to 2018. Due to recent events in my life, I’ve had the time and capacity to think about my life and my creativity. Quite often my children require me to be creative due to special nursery days or their friends parties. I’ve taken up arts and crafts to create gifts and customise clothing. I really enjoy it. It’s therapeutic.

Alongside the arts and crafts I have been feeling the vibe to ‘spit some bars’ again. I loved MCing and rapping. The buzz can be electrifying. It’s time to write more. I’m determined to get back on the music scene. I’ve written it here so I’m held accountable 🙈.

Finally, dancing!

I’ve recently joined the gym. It’s my new favourite place. I’ve been reconnected with dance because of a treadmill. Sounds crazy but watch this space. It’ll make sense sometime soon. Until then just know that dance will come back. It’s time.

Well that’s it…

Oh, I forgot to mention that I use to be a freelance make up artist and jewellery maker.

Ok, I think that’s it now, until I remember something else!

Take and give care.xx