Welcome Notice: This is a non-fictional blog. Only true experiences are written here. Themes of anti-negativity will be present in many of my posts. This may not sit well with some readers, hence the gentle warning. 
If you do decide to stay, thank you! I hope you find my blog useful, insightful and identifiable. Most of all, I hope you enjoy my content.
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in large quantities; plentifully.
“the plant grows abundantly in the wild”
synonyms: copiously · plentifully · amply · profusely · exuberantly · prolifically · luxuriantly · in profusion · in abundance · in great quantity · in large quantities · in plenty · aplenty · in huge numbers · freely · extensively · everywhere · all over the place · bounteously · plenteously

Hello and welcome to ABUNDANTLY ME!

Thank you for dropping by.

My name is Natalie Straughn (many call me Natski but Natalie is just fine!) and I have been urged by loved ones to start a blog so here I am. It is now time!

I am here to share. I’m passionate about a wide range of things but through everything, I try to work from the heart and work with heart.

I have chosen to learn more about abundance in order to help create a less toxic life for my family, friends and I.

I have found, through the perspective of abundance I am realising the increase of gratitude and positive approaches towards everyday situations. I try to stay around positive energy and vibrations more consciously than before. Thinking about abundance has also welcomed more happiness, whether it is for me or for others. In the mix of it all, to remain authentic is very key to me. Knowing what I want and need is a learning curve and it still needs a lot of developing. I’m learning not to be afraid of asking for what I want and declaring what I need. This has become more important to me recently.

Taking time to appreciate the good and bad has taught me so much about gratitude and feeling blessed with a rich life. I am not talking about money either!

I listen to myself a lot more and I am also learning to trust myself. I’m no life coach or guru, I just know what I know through the experience of life. Don’t get it twisted, I get bad days too. In fact I experience bouts of anxiety ever so often. It can be dreadful. I’m open enough to say I’ve had counselling and boy am I thankful that I had it. I recommend it. It may sound cliche but it’s good to talk!

Through my blog I hope to learn new things and in return I hope to inspire. I’m here to speak the truth and express what is on my mind.

Most of all, I’m here to be abundantly me.

Let’s go!

Let’s be abundant!

May 2018