I worked with Natalie for 5 years…

“I worked with Natalie for 5 years in a busy inner city school. During that time she looked after the wellbeing of an entire house (roughly 270 students). Natalie was known for being firm but fair, honest and trustworthy to the students. She was excellent with parents and carers and worked in partnership  with them to get the best out of young people.

Natalie has the  gift of  drawing out the best in people. Her students where on top of league tables at the school. Leagues including gcse, behaviour, attendance etc. She has a way with young people that they quickly change their mindset to be good citizens. She is a gem. What sets her apart is her investment into lifelong wellbeing  and better mindset, meaning mentoring  and coaching from her is something young people can continue  to utilise far into the future  and not just now.  Last but not least, Natalie has extensive child protection  knowledge and familiar with the curriculum. Natalie knows young people. Her contact should be in all parent’s phones and schools enrichment and SMSC programmes”.

P. Lungu