My experience of working with Natalie…

My experience of working with Natalie at Orchardside School.
I’m the type of person that when a new person starts working at the same place as me, I will greet the person in a friendly manner and be welcoming but not overbearing – I don’t like to feel like I’m pushing myself up on them!
Eventually, I will either gravitate towards the person or our exchanges will continue to just be friendly greetings.
Sure enough, with Natalie, our friendly greetings turned into me having a lot of respect for this woman.
I love the way she deals with the students – No nonsense.
I love how knowledgeable she is.
I love that she gets my personality.
I love her personality.
I love her stories.
I love that she loves the skin she is in.
The advice I’ve witnessed her unleashing onto our students and even staff (myself included), is second to none.
All the staff and students have a lot of respect for her because SHE IS REAL!
There are people in my workplace that I’ve worked with for many many years but have never invited them to my house if I was having some sort of function there.
But with Natalie, after knowing her maybe half a year, I invited her to a function I had at my house.
It just felt natural!
As I said before, I have a lot of respect for Natalie and I am proud to call her MY FRIEND.
Evette Nembhard