Hey, hey, hey!

Hello again.

I’ve skipped a whole ‘June’ and have arrived in ‘July’!

If you’re reading this, I hope you are well and thank you for reading.

In my absence since my last post, I’ve had many topics come to mind. Many were in reflection of events that took place but I wanted to pause just to see if it was timely to post such thoughts.

This topic is of course a response to something I know about. I can only write when inspired by something or someone.

For the last few weeks, the theme ‘worth’ has frequented my thoughts and talks. A recent event has presented itself and I’ve really had to dig deep within myself to be steadfast and brave. Although I’m confident and talk about the powers and laws of the universe, I still allow doubt to creep in from time to time and chat sh*t to me. In the midst of this situation I’m still learning about myself. I’m still learning about my power and like in superhero movies, someone is always trying to weaken the hero’s power because ‘their’ power maybe compromised or overshadowed. Why has it got to be such a struggle. Wouldn’t it be beneficial if certain superheroes joined together and leveled up? No of course not, there has to be a struggle ffs! Sometimes selfishness, greed and worry brings out the true villain. Who knows? All I know is that I’m not in it!

This time around I don’t really think there is a villain or a group of villains. This time there is a gatekeeper and with gatekeepers only the few can get through. In knowing this, I must remember that not every gate is for me to enter. This is fine because there are gatekeepers ready to greet me with open arms ready for my arrival. I may be sad that the other gatekeeper turned me away but there is definitely another gate with a signpost highlighting my name above.

What I’m trying to say is, if you know your worth and how great you are without apology, take the risk and go where your heart is leading you to be. Go with your gut instincts. It’ll be brutal in the beginning but it’ll be triumphant in the end. Don’t ‘cut off your nose to spite your face’ but think about what you’re really about, what you need, what you can bring to the situation and your influence. If your entire being goes against something you need to pay attention to that feeling. If you’re in limbo that is normal so I suggest thinking of various outcomes and using perspective. Perspective gets me through a lot of things.

My second eldest sister achieved something incredible this year and it really resonated with me when going through my latest ordeal. As a black woman you can be faced with unspeakable instances within whatever industry you work in. I have faced some instances that have been unbelievable. My sister is a force to be reckoned with with many things, but when it comes to her profession and her industry, she is no joke. She is a major force. She has unlocked something remarkable which will definitely pave the way for many others. My sister knows her worth that’s for sure. Even though I am no way in my sister’s professional league or industry, within my own realm I hold presence and the ability to ‘reach’. Along with many before me, I must uphold knowing what I’m capable of and how my life can impact others.

I thank my ancestors for covering me. I also want to thank the positive souls that keep my fire burning.

I am worthy and I always will be. Know that! 👊



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