Hello May, hello you!

Wowzers! Haven’t I been away for a while. The gaps are getting longer but I hope the distance helps you miss me more! (I’m full of myself innit 😜)

This month marks my one year anniversary of blogging. Even though I slyly and deeply thought I’d be famous by now, the reality is I’m not so I have to tuck my ego away and put it back to sleep. The one thing I can say is, that I’ve shone like I’ve never shone before. There is something about hardship and challenges that can create the best out of people. Hardship and challenges can destroy people this I do know, but there is also great opportunity to rise upwards when you’ve been brought down by a situation or a string of negative events.

This time last year I was emerging. I was setting things in motion. I am still doing these things but now I’m a little clearer in my vision. I’m grateful to even have a vision as I know this doesn’t belong to everybody.

My proudest achievement for myself is that I have kept my light. I’ve held onto my integrity, faith, values and many other things that ground me and keep me going.

If you’re still baffled about what ‘light’ I’m talking about, I’m referring to your unique positive energy. Your own glow. What makes others POSITIVELY pay attention. What draws people near.

If you ain’t got no light, no glow, you may need to look into that asΒ  you may mainly be governed by darkness. That’s ok too as everything requires balance. Not all of us can bring light to this world. There has to be an opposite. For each right there is a wrong, for every up there is a down and for light to take place, there must be darkness.Β  I believe there is an element of darkness within all of us but some are more overshadowed by it than others. Those that know about the spirit world maybe familiar with who ‘lightworkers’ and ‘darkworkers’ are. This is very interesting and I recommend reading up on this. This will possibly help put things into perspective about humans, especially ones who stick out in your mind whether for good or bad reasons. I also believe some people are ‘stuck’ like they’re in limbo. They are confusing, not clear, draining, but can be pleasant on the surface. These people are the ones that can drain you of your energy so take care and still offer compassion, even if they may annoy you. Also be mindful of ‘the charmers’. They may appear as though they’re lightworkers but they have a completely different agenda.

I could go on forever about energy, light and so forth but I won’t. Everything is energy and energy is massively important.

My light is the making of my essence. My light also aggravates some people. I disturb a few humans who are deeply uncomfortable with themselves. I don’t even need to say a word to them. They dislike the absolute f*** outta me and there is nothing I can or will do about it. That belongs to them. I do not or cannot hold any ownership over THEIR issues or feelings. I can only choose whether I will dim my light or stun them further. I know what I’d rather. Can you take a guess?

Have a blessed day!

More vibes πŸ˜ŽπŸŒžπŸ•ΆπŸ“ΈπŸ’‘πŸŒŸπŸ”†

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