This title has been a long time coming. Especially as the word ‘gratitude’ is used to outline my purpose for my whole entire blog.

In my last blog post ‘Value’ I started with my feelings around September and what it means to me. I briefly touched on how I feel September brings about newness.

There is so much I want to say but I’m not gonna waffle. I’d rather eat a waffle but not talk a whole load of it.

This week I’ve returned back from somewhere special (destination will be revealed in a future post). Whilst there I had the opportunity to reflect. I could strongly feel and think of all the great things coming my way. I started to think of the bad things that happened to me previously and turned them into blessed moments. I thought of the struggles and hardships and smiled knowing I was placed in those situations to know that I’ll be able to breathe again and rejoice in the uplifting moments. Most of all I didn’t feel depressed. I didn’t feel closed in or terribly anxious like I do when I’m here in my usual flow of life. I felt so good and glad to be free of the negativity.

This September feels similar to my September in 2010. That year presented so many changes. I turned 30 that year. I became a homeowner. I got my GCSE in maths (massive achievement for me that I’ll always be so proud of). I ended a 5 year relationship a few months into the year and found a new love a few months towards the end of the year. That new love that showed up is now my husband and boy this September I’m feeling a love renewed like the early days and it feels wonderful and moving.

This September I’ve been presented with some great opportunities that have confirmed my belief and faith in ‘The Most High’ and ‘The Universe’. I am a great believer in putting out the energy and thoughts you want to have vibrated back to you. I’ve consciously been trying to rise above negativity and doubts in my thoughts. It’s sometimes really difficult but it does require practice. Even when I have been struggling emotionally I often tell myself “and this too shall pass”. My darling friend Kasmine is one of my earth angels. She utters this to me whenever she’s aware I’m going through something difficult. She often tells me such instances are ‘temporary’ and they will pass. This kind of perspective is key in my healing. These pearls of wisdom are sometimes the plasters (Band aid if you’re from the USA) that’s needed when hurting. For her and many others I’m grateful. My relationship with God (The Most High) is also key in handling life. Of recent I’ve had to remember all the times in the past I’ve faced hard times, prayed over it and think of the outcomes. This reflection alone gave me a lightbulb moment. I had to really ground myself and surrender all angst and unnecessary questions that would usually give me a headache. Nat, ‘GOD NEVER LEAVES YOU OUT!!’. Nat, whatever your heart has deeply desired, you have been granted and more. Things may not come at a time your brain has calculated you want them by but they have come at a time God has deemed suitable. Man, my inner voice was talking to me. The inner God was showing up and always does but I as a mortal don’t always pay attention. This all got me thinking more about what I do have rather than what is lacking. This my friends is what ‘gratitude’ is all about. Focusing on the lack can sometimes lead you to want and want and want. Focusing on what is already present can actually show you how much you do have.  You necessarily may not have pondered on this before.

Right now I can list 10 things at the top of my head that I’m grateful for. Let’s go:

1. Life itself.

2. Love. It helps us grows. It’s the most beautiful thing on earth.

3. My children, husband, family and friends. I’ve been blessed with so many great humans in my life. Truly.

4. My personality and my abilities. I’m learning day by day that I have boundless abilities in many things. My humour is also a special feature I don’t talk about and need not feel embarrassed by talking about it.

5. Reaching many of the goals I’ve set out this year. Proud of myself!

6. I’m learning more about compassion within myself and turning self dislike into self hugs, care and affirmations. I’m learning how to love the vessel I’m in.

7. I’m proud of the strength, grace and dignity I hold. Some humans have tried to tear me down but have been unsuccessful. I’ll still pray for you. You need it most!

8. I’m grateful for my home. It’s still looking unorganised but I’ve done so much to alleviate this already. Although my home isn’t ‘Pinterest’ ready, it’s where my family is. It’s where love grows and this is the most important thing to me.

9. I’m grateful for this spirit and soul. When I leave the physical form I know this energy will vibrate onwards. I’m tuned into a lot. I can’t always pinpoint what at times but I’m often guided. No ‘X-Files’ sh*t just real energy stuff. Saying this, I feel love and guidance from my ancestors and unseen angels. I thank you for looking out for me and mine.

10. I’m grateful for this blog. I’m meeting some new greats because of doing this. The people I know and love who read my content, I’m so thankful for you also. I enjoy the conversations and feedback. I love sharing and it’s still amazing to me when you share your heart and thoughts so I thank you because you don’t have to trust me and you do. I don’t take this for granted at all.

Bonus point of gratitude: God’s timing. It’s on point and I must never forget it. I’m grateful for the continuous blessings.

So there you have it. I’m currently all gratitude’d up!

Life throws so many changes. Things may seem complex and confusing at times. It’s ok to feel lost, to ask questions and to have feelings of doubt. When you are in the space to think, think about what 5 – 10 things you’re grateful for. It can be something so small but it’s something. Nothing is insignificant. When you are done, observe how making the list has made you feel. If you still feel nothing has changed and you feel rubbish, that’s ok, it takes time. Revist this task at another time. If you have reached your 5 – 10 things and you’ve realised you have a lot, don’t stop there, keep practicing gratitude. You will start to or continue to develop better attitudes and approaches towards a lot of things and people.

May you abundantly have all that is good and enjoy it.

More Vibes 😘

2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Ahhhh maaaatttee!
    I absolutely lovvvve reading your blogs – and you know I’m not a reader.
    I am grateful for YOU!
    The fact that you are always there when I come into work with the latest thing that p’d me off the day/weekend before – even though you may have nuff work to do!
    It may not seem a lot, but it always feels good to be able to release, get advice, then get on with my day.

    Thank you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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