Hey September!

September to me is like a second chance January but a little bit nicer.

There are no adverts forcing weight loss or talking about goals and how to reach them.

The kids are back to school and parents are celebrating! 😂

I’ve pretty much worked in education for most of my working life so I’ve somewhat dreaded going back to school because of great summers but was always equally ready for a fresh school year. I’ve always said, if you take the adults out of schools, work life would be a lot better. Most kids are smart enough to run the show and adults often mess things up.

This year I’m not returning back to the same ole’ program and I’m actually cool about it. Things are a little different this year. As much as it’s not completely my doing I’m grateful. I’ve listened to a lot of school staff intently of late and they’re not bloody happy at all. Shocking really as you would probably think otherwise. As I’ve already said, it’s not the kids, it’s the adults and the system(s). Not all schools are the same so this doesn’t apply to every school. I’ve listened to school staff remark too often about what needs to be done for young people but they’re rarely listened to because of who they are or the position they’re in. I know the ‘big wigs’ can’t listen to everybody but I find this disheartening to hear at times, especially from those who I know to work so closely and excellently with young people.

On the flipside I’ve been told of a few schools that value their staff and children. Recently I’ve been hearing great things about a particular school in Newham, East London that has done exceedingly well with results, retaining staff, helping families and boosting pupil morale. I have no affiliation with this school but great news has been coming back to me more than often and I’m impressed. This got me thinking about ‘value’. Values and valuing people is so crucial. Especially in education.

To this day I cannot fathom why people who hold certain leadership positions cannot value people regardless of their position. It doesn’t add up to me. I think it’s basic understanding that if you treat people well, they will want to show up and do well. The same with children. If you show most children you care and value them, they absorb that energy and learn how to value themselves. I honestly think there are leaders out there who lead for personal gain and glorification missing the whole point of why they should be there in the first place. I often feel such leaders may have had a ‘broken childhood’ or have forgotten everything about being a child. I strongly believe you often have to think from the perspective of a child to truly help them. It also helps to have a personable and flexible approach too. I also understand there are pressures and decisions that some leaders have to make that are difficult, but what should be at the core is ‘the child’.

I’ve watched some things go down in schools that have left me completely perplexed. I’ve also seen some brilliant acts of humility that won’t ever leave me.

Through my experiences and with age, I have learned more about value and valuing others. I’ve seen the great things that can come from people when you take interest and instill value. You don’t have to like a person to see their value. There is value in everything and everyone. Not all people are kind so it’s sometimes hard to see the value in unkind folks. In this case you have to try and find the child in them and seek what may have happened or just listen. With learning about value comes compassion, but that’s another story!

Today I encourage you to find value in something or someone you may not have considered before. Let someone know you value them or let them know ‘you see them’. Watch how they start to grow. You might be the key to unlocking a hidden potential or removing a stigma that has tarnished their heart and mind.

Go on, give it a try.

Take and Give care.xx


2 thoughts on “Value

  1. Natalie, I feel like I’ve found a long-lost friend. So glad to meet you and to have found your blog! Thanks so much for sharing this post.

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