Hey there!

This won’t take long but considering it’s me, this might take long.

Of recent I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I thought I’d be. I get plenty topics and ideas that come to mind but I’ve been feeling blocked. In addition to this there has been plenty going on in the background.

In the background I’ve been struggling with keeping my vibrations up and trying to see the positive in most things. Sadly, mild depression snuck in and tampered with my joy for a bit. When you’ve worked hard on yourself to keep positive and upbeat, it’s a big blow when feeling overwhelmed or when depression takes place.

There is much I can say on the matter but I’d rather not at the moment as I’m currently working my way out of the ‘funk’ and working my way into a better space.

I really just wanted to use this post to give thanks to the souls who offered help in my period of darkness. I feel very blessed to know some super human beings and I’m grateful for having such beings in my life. Regardless of the years or months of the relationship, I always think there is something to learn. I’ve known some people all my life but I would not discuss my deepest and darkest secrets with them. Then there are the ‘recents’ who exemplify true love and care without judgment. There’s balance in everything. I think there’s different degrees of friendship and people serve different purposes. This is ok as long as you’re not taking advantage of someone. I’m grateful for relationships old and new, regardless of the purpose. There are lessons in everything and everyone so nothing is wasted!

Whilst I feel strong in this moment, I’d like to say thank you to those who kindly spoke to me and reminded me to use compassion with myself. I was reminded of my human capabilities and was guided to try alternative techniques and given heartfelt suggestions to help bring me out of that difficult phase. Most importantly, I know I have to keep fighting as my children deserve a mum that’s happy, healthy and functioning.

This morning I’m a little more grateful for my ability to use perspective. Although I do feel awful, sad and dreadful at times, I do know I’m abundantly loved and blessed.

Thank you God, Mother Nature, Ancestors and the Universe for who I am, the lessons, the love, the pain, the knowledge and experiences of things around and in between.

‘MORE VIBES’ to everyone reading  this.

(‘More Vibes’ is my new saying by the way. It’s just a simple and positive affirmation.)

Take and Give Care.xx


2 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Thank you for posting this. It shows your realness. I can totally relate to this this post because when all you try to be is positive it seems like something small will try to throw you off your game, but we gotta continue to fight through it even when it hurts. More vibes ❤️


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