Here we are again.

I’m tired beyond comprehension but I’m up writing.

I actually seem to be in full flow at night (once I can stay awake). I think having a little bit of peace helps with my creativity.

It’s been a challenging week. The planets have been mashing me up with their pushing and pulling, anxiety episodes have been on the increase, I’m decluttering like never before and with all of this I’m trying to steer this ship.

Tonight I’m meant to be committing myself to some admin tasks but I can’t focus. I’m more interested in writing this blog post to be honest. I’ve attempted to write about various topics but haven’t completed any of them.

I have the desire to tidy up and clean but I’d rather Mary Poppins come in and do it for me whilst she sings any of my favourite songs from the film.

As I type, I feel compelled to talk about my thoughts and feelings of late. I don’t know why but I usually submit upon instinct.

Last week I had the thrilling experience of hosting my first ever talk which was on ‘Decluttering’. It was an awesome occasion full of sharing, laughter, advice and care. I’m no expert on the matter but feel very connected to the matter of late. The idea I had was quite bold. I haven’t lead on a personal project like that before. It was quite random but I felt instructed within my spirit to do it. The idea derived from me posting a story on Instagram where I was expressing how I came across some old receipts from 2011/2012. As much as I was disgusted with myself, it was so familiar as I know what I’m like. I love to keep proof of almost everything. I got a few responses about that particular post and realised how much clutter was affecting others similar to me. The more conversations I was having made me feel like I wanted to help. I wanted to reach out, connect and share. Although I thought the topic was random and kind of unrelated to the path I’ve been on for so long; it actually wasn’t. I love engaging with people. I like conversations and I like to offer help when I can. I’ve realised many of us have so much to talk about but at times we need prompting. We need to be ready which is very important.

Whilst standing in my moment I was in awe of myself and in awe of the gathering of people that came and shared their issues and wisdoms. Topics beyond decluttering came about. Mental health, relationships, energy, family, time, support, and self awareness came out. Before and upon reflection I knew I was ordained to do this. I felt the platform was timely and necessary. Doing the talk has also encouraged me to do so much clearing physically and mentally. I spiritually feel something beautiful and major is going to happen and I know I have to make space for this event that is about to show up in my life.

I have confirmed within myself I need and want to connect with my community and beyond. My focus was originally on young people and I think this is because of the career I’ve had for so long. Young people will always be at the heart of what I do but being open and inclusive is key. I strongly feel my service/purpose is evolving and I must flow with it instead of pre-orchestrating and controlling so much (as I usually would).

I’m amazed at the impact I’ve had on others pertaining to this topic and the positive feedback that has been shared with me. Those that have expressed their thanks don’t know the impact they’ve had on me. They’ve encouraged me to do so much more personally and I’m so humbled.

So before I go, just a little ‘backtracking’ to help conclude this post.

I unconsciously started my decluttering mission since the beginning of this year. I once thought I wasn’t getting anywhere until I counted and wrote down all the actions I had made. Doing this made me realise I’ve done so much and I need to be easy on myself and proud of my progress.

These are the things I have learned along the way that may help:

  1. You cannot make a start until you are ready to do so.
  2. Start small once you know you are or feel ready.
  3. Don’t think you can take on a whole house or workspace in a day. Time, patience and research is key.
  4. There is no ‘one size fits all’. Go for what appeals to you.
  5. YouTube and Hashtaging on Instagram has been KING for me. Find images and videos that inspire you. This can help withย  motivation.
  6. Ask for help. You may be embarrassed about your situation but I’m sure you’ll find there is someone willing to help or someone that understands how you feel.
  7. Start having conversations with yourself about what you really need. Visualize how you want your space ‘feel’ as well as look. I have attachment issues so I understand how this maybe hard for some.
  8. This whole process will take as long as it takes. I’ve given myself deadlines many times before. I rarely meet them but now I don’t get upset about it. I just try again another time.
  9. Blast some big tunes or soothing tunes to help with your endorphins whist on the case.
  10. Enjoy your achievements no matter how big or small. Celebrate your doing actions, you will be your own biggest fan. This helps!

Well I hope I’ve helped in some way. I didn’t anticipate I’d be offering any kind of tips in this blog post but I am here to help, share and offer love in any capacity I can. It came from within.

Oh my goodness, how could I forget such an important ‘gem’? If you haven’t already, please check out (Google/YouTube) Marie Kondo and the Konmari method. When it comes to folding anything in my home, the Konmari method simply rules and has made my life so much easier. I swear. Marie Kondo has helped millions with her methods and approach to living a simple and minimalist way of life.

I’m not endorsed by this woman for the mention but wouldn’t mind if I was (ya get me!! ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ˜‚).

Until the next time, have a super blessed day.

Take care and Give care.xx


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