I was actually considering naming this post ‘timing’ but quickly changed my mind.

I do use the term ‘timing’ quite frequently but I’ve recently become obsessed in believing that ‘time’ is just an illusion. I often think that humans can seriously be controlled by time and this can sometimes cause restraints. I feel we often think of obtaining things by a certain time or use our time to wish we had more of it. Either way, I think we measure a lot by using time. In my opinion I don’t think enough of us focus on the here and now.

I’ve recently gone through another barrier of change. Great changes actually. A year ago, if you told me I was going to be in the position I’m in now, I would have looked at you a little funny. I’m not richer or poorer money wise but boy am I richer with essence. Feeling the essence of life’s experiences and lessons. Feeling rich with gratitude and reflection. Feeling rich with good vibes and energy. Feeling rich with love and feeling rich within my myself. The incredible shift that has presented itself has brought me to the point of saying yes to ‘now’ and just ‘going with the flow’.

I’m practicing saying ‘yes’ to opportunities even if it feels a little out of the box. I’m learning more about going with the flow. I’m usually a control freak but this year is teaching me new things. It’s teaching me to have more faith and remember that ‘God doesn’t leave me out’. I’ve reflected back to challenging times I’ve endured and remembered I survived and I found joy after the hurt. I’m also a believer of the manifestation of thoughts and sending out vibes to the universe. Many things spoken from my heart have been manifested. I had to sit back and pay attention. I don’t think I had given full props to the power of manifestation until this year. I need to add, its all positive even though a few negative things can find their way in so it’s always important to be mindful.

Returning to the title, my message is this: trust your heart’s desires, be flexible, be daring, it’s ok to feel fear, it’s ok to trust yourself, it’s ok to plan even if it doesn’t go your way, it’s ok to feel uncomfortable, it’s ok to not always know what the f*** you’re doing, it’s ok to feel proud of yourself for the smallest of things. Sometimes all you gotta do is just go with the FLOW!

Let things be as they should. Don’t force the issue too much. If you think hard enough, you may realise that things often fall into place. Feel as though you are as one with the wind and enjoy the sights along the way. Don’t worry about the quickness of everything. Try the scenic route, you may find gems on your journey.

Surrender all things you feel are holding you back.

After all, your flow is your path.

Take care and Give care.xx

2 thoughts on “Flow

  1. Natalie thank you for this post👏🏿, it truly did hit home, after our conversation I literally went with the “flow” and my mind was clear with not harbouring any ill will towards anyone. I am also a strong believer of talking everything you want to happen into existence. I am living proof that it does happen.

    Super proud of you🤗❤️thank you for uplifting me 😁

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