Workshop facilitator…

As an attendee of several Abundantly Me workshops, I have found them to be both incredibly comforting and empowering. As a facilitator Natalie leads a structured session focused on a particular theme often around personal matters or life challenges. Sessions consists of a range of activities including thought provoking questions, tasks and an open forum for discussion, all aiding self exploration within the subject matter and positive strategies for going forward.

As a facilitator Natalie creates a warm and open atmosphere encouraging a sense of togetherness. She too participates in the activities set, sharing herself with the group including her experiences, thoughts and feelings. As an attendee, I’ve found that her inclusiveness and vulnerability forged a safe and comfortable forum for me and others to share. Her positive energy and spirit of realness makes the workshops an essential support to individuals seeking guidance, forward focus and assistance in unlocking negativity. These sessions have played an integral part in transforming my energy in challenging times and helping me align myself with my authenticity. I brought my friend to the last workshop and I’m sure to bring others to future ones. I will surely be in attendance as there’s nothing but an abundance of positivity and genuine support to gain from going.

Thank you Nat! X

Marcia Norbal