Short reads: Expectations

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Right, let me get straight into it. I suffer from a serious condition that keeps messing me up and now is the time to do something about it. I need help. This condition is called ‘havingexpectationsofothersitus’. In other words, I foolishly have expectations of some people. Especially those close to me. I know it is not wise to do this and I still end up in the same trap.

Although I know expectations can lead to disappointment, I often end up hurting and having to do the healing work. I am evidently a slow learner.

I get burned often because I instinctively offer so much of my heart. I know in my mind what I offer. I’m now chuckling to myself and thinking, there’s probably someone who knows me pretty well, they’re reading this and saying to themself, they expected more from me at some point 🤦🏾‍♀️. To those individuals, I am sorry if you’ve felt let down by me.

Now I’m reaching out. What are your thoughts around having expectations? Are you like me and suffer with ‘havingexpectationsofothersitus’ ? If not, what advice would you offer? I no longer want to attach myself to having expectations of anything or anyone. I know this condition comes from something or somewhere deep rooted and I’m sure this will be addressed at some point. Until then, I would love the community to let me know their thoughts and share positive tips and perspectives.

Thanking you in advance ❤

4 thoughts on “Short reads: Expectations

  1. With expectations comes disappointment!
    But it’s not them disappointing you, it’s you disappointing yourself for having such expectations of them.
    So my thoughts around having expectations is…DON’T!!!

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  2. It’s easier said than done to just ‘not’ have expectations. We have them consistently through life, expecting when you turn the switch on, that the appliance will work, that when you buy a dress online in your size, that it’ll look as fabulous as the model displayed & when you’re there for a friend that they will in turn be there for you. It’s almost like a given lol BUT I’ve had to learn in my adult years that I have to seriously accept people where they are at &/or have conversations with them to make them aware of how it made me feel when they didn’t do what they said they would or wasn’t mindful like I had been. I’ve recently had convos like that with my dad & with my partner & they both understood. But I also know to try & lower the expectations as I know life goes on for them too & they’re not just there for me (of course lol) some friends I have had to let go off because they no longer vibrated on the same frequency I did & it was draining being in (what felt like) a one sided relationship & so I now have more deeper relationships with fewer peeps, no shade & I like it. Others like I say I just have to lower the expectations of & lessen my time with them. It’s a process so don’t be too hard on yourself. Especially if someone presents them self to be something & then changes & never goes back. That’s not on you so do what you can handle xx

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    1. Dani, your response is so compassionate and insightful. Your outline of lessening the expectation rather than not having any at all is a good perspective and is something I will add to my practice. Thank you always.xx


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