Short reads: Balance

It’s been a tough time for myself and many others in the last 12 months. I have lost people I love dearly and have vicariously experienced loss through others.

There are times when I have questioned these happenings. I have questioned hardships and sad moments. I shouldn’t really question anything because I am fully aware that everything requires balance. With life there is death. With love, can come pain. With sunrise there is a sunset. Everything requires balance.

When I feel challenged I try to draw for my blessings or list the things I am grateful for. This helps balance me and makes me realise how seriously blessed I am. The smallest things are huge to me. The fact I can write this or have the means to share my writing, is a big deal. It’s a blessing to be in a position where I can share, connect and express myself. Some people are unable to do so whether it’s circumstantial or other.

If there is ever a time you feel low or frustrated, try to tell yourself that these times will pass. Things will ease if you allow it to. With sad days can come happy days. With a state of limbo can come clarity. Try to find some light in the vast darkness.

Be easy on yourself and remember, everything requires balance!

8 thoughts on “Short reads: Balance

  1. Thanks Nats

    Your post always inspire me to put things into better perspective. Let’s continue to be thankful and allow ourselves to look towards a better finish.

    Sending you love & light ((❤️))


  2. I cannot even begin to tell you how your words resonate with me. I cling to phrases like ‘this too shall pass’ as tho my life literally depends on it because actually at times it does. Thank goodness for balance and things not being to heavy on one side so there can always be space for gratitude xxx


    1. Thank you Claudine. ‘This too shall pass’ was truly gifted to me from our dear friend ‘KJ’. She offered and continues to offer perspective on everything. Grateful for you and her.
      Stay beautifully blessed.xx


  3. It is soooo true.
    Being able to Overstand just how blessed and highly favoured we are is very very important.
    Thank you for always putting things into perspective ❤


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