It’s been a mighty long time since I’ve written anything. I’ve made many attempts but haven’t been able to follow through with anything.

It’s currently November and Christmas is rapidly approaching. I ain’t in the spirit of things but I will be once my babies start getting excited about it. All I want for Christmas is chicken soup made by the husband, a tracksuit to lounge in and some soft socks. I don’t want any fuss, stress and the kitchen looking like ‘Robot Wars’ did a dance in it. I can’t handle it.

As it stands, I’m cool on the surface but overwhelmed as f*** underneath. Of late it feels like I have control over nothing. Not one iota. Although I’m getting through stuff, I’m not able to stop and do any sightseeing. I’m not catching moments of stillness and I find this very unhealthy. Can any of you relate? Do you know what I mean?

As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that burning the candle at both ends isn’t very good for me yet alone anyone. I’ve developed a sense of confusion and can’t think clearly a lot of the time. My brain knows I need to slow down but real life has other plans. It’s relentless but I have to push through a lot.

On the flip side life is great, even though I am struggling like f***, I give thanks for so much. I have great people in my life. My current job makes me happy, my children amaze me and give me strength, my husband feeds me…😂 ok, ok, he does more than that but mannnnn his food is so good! Universally I’m beyond blessed. In every f***ed up situation I try to find something good or something to be grateful for. Practicing perspective helps a great deal. So even though I do feel overwhelmed, I have perspective and gratitude to put me in check.

If you’re reading this and feel overwhelmed, just know you’re not alone. Humans are complex and I believe we need simple things. When we complicate and throw things in the mix, we make things hectic.

I wish you peace and perspective people. In my opinion there’s no better gift!

More love, more vibes.xx

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