Before I start a post I usually know what I want to talk about. Quite a few times I change the topic before I begin typing. I guess I feel a change in priority with the message I need to deliver.

Why have I chosen the topic of simplicity? Well I guess thoughts brought me here. Today I’ve been thinking about relationships, patterns, changes, perspective and just life in general. I’m currently striving so hard to make mine and my family’s life more comfortable. Things are far from perfect but we’re good.

In the grand scheme of things I’m abundantly blessed. In between striving I always make the effort to notice the little and simple things. The fact I have hot water to bathe with, a warm home, food, clothes, family, friends, employment and the list goes on, it makes me grateful. When I have a hot drink in the morning it makes me glad. When my children tell me they love me it’s huge. When I have a productive day at work it’s rewarding. When friends check in on me it’s pleasing. There is a great deal to be grateful for and I’m grateful I’m reminded of this everyday. I think the biggest and simplest thing important to me is when someone shows me love. I’ve blossomed so much because of love. As I’ve gotten older the good sentiments of people has meant so much to me. A stranger saying hello to me still catches me off guard at times but makes me feel special. That second of kindness can truly make a day great.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is remember the simple things. A slice of toast, a new jumper, a sunny day, a snowflake, a new book, a chat with someone, a new idea, a realisation, a chance, a breakthrough; whatever it is, however small or big, be glad, be in the moment and say thank you.

The simple things mean a lot.

If you don’t already, give saying ‘thank you’ to simplicity a go. You never know what it could do for you.

Much love and more vibes.xx

7 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Today, I realised just how simple it was to change the way I say things (particularly where my kids are involved) & get a far more positive outcome. It’s not rocket science really is it. But after complaining about how much my boys bicker and just get on my last nerve with their constant arguing; it dawned on me that it bothered me because I could actually hear myself in the way they were chatting to each other. Behind my shy exterior (🤔) I can be a right, mouthy, sarcastic b&!%# and it was this that I could hear in the boys. Today I made the conscious decision to engage my brain every time I addressed them and the day was pleasant. They still argued, but I wasn’t half as stressed and kept my cool. A simple adjustment that I hope will continue and lead to a long lasting change for the better.

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    1. The very fact this dawned on you is a great step in the right direction.
      I’m so conscious of how I talk to mine as they pick up so much of our ways. Simple adjustments can mean big things.xx


  2. I often forget to think of the simplicity in things around me that makes up the bigger picture xxx thanks for the reminder x


  3. Thank you Lord for hot water. I’m about to have a giant bubble bath and I am spool grateful for that fact.


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