Relationship Goals

So today is the big royal wedding.

I do like Prince Harry I must say. It’s just based on a vibe thing.

So much has been said about this union to his intended. I’m appalled to be honest. The media have been relentless in digging up the dirt. I assume it has caused an unnecessary pressure.

Relationships are hard enough without such nonsense surrounding them.

I’m no fan of Meghan Markle (vibe thing!) but I do feel she has been disrespected by the media. In my opinion I feel her ethnic background has sparked so many questions. The fact she’s been married before seems to have ‘marked her down’ in ratings. But hold on, aren’t we supposed to be happy for two people who have found love and wanting to take that next step?

I think humans forget so quickly.

One minute we’re chasing Princess Diana all over the place, creating stories, invading her privacy then kill her.

I remember when she died. I remember the sorrow. I remember the anger towards the media but here we are chasing, story creating and invading. I hope there is no killing. Seriously.

All in all, I wish them the best and I hope they get some peace away from this circus.

It’s not all negative. Everything needs balance.

There are tons of fans excited about today. It’s going to be a huge spectacle. The weather is lovely and the buzz is building. I hope the couple feed off this energy. I hope they get to take many deep breaths, cry tears of joy and count the many blessings along the way. I hope their day is awesome in so many ways.

Now back to my heading today. I’ve titled my heading ‘Relationship Goals’.

I seriously detest this saying. I’m sorry, I do 😂.

I hear and see this saying so often. What are relationship goals really? Wearing matching outfits, eating out at nice restaurants, taking selfies with filters?

I know I’m going to see this title surrounding the new royal couple more often as I do with celebrities.

Listen, sorry to burst your bubble if you are a ‘relationship-goals-saying-user’. Relationship goals are not what you think they are or what social media make you believe they are.

Don’t let social media fool you.

The real goal in any kind of relationship should be to fundamentally respect, care and consider the person you love. This is needed for friendships, partnerships, etc.

Relationships take work. Effort. A want to put in effort. Patience, consideration, empathy and much more.

Social media often forget to publish the hardships, the times when one doesn’t put on the washing, when they’ve left dirty socks on the floor, the times one has moved something and hasn’t given the heads up. That’s the real stuff, believe me.

Please don’t get sucked in.

Please don’t idolise others when you have no clue what goes on behind closed doors.

Admiration is one thing but please don’t be fooled and believe the hype.

You know what is important? Taking and giving care!

Enjoy watching the wedding (if it’s your thing!)

Congratulations Harry &



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