I’m still in week one of my new blog.

This week has been somewhat relentless in regards to ‘having time’.

The older I get I swear the hours are getting shorter. I honestly think someone or something is shaving off minutes to our day but slyly convincing us we’re still getting 24 hours in the day.Β  Hmmm!

Anyway, this week has been busy but productive.

I’m out here trying to be a mum, wife, daughter, all round general human and on top of that I’m trying to keep fit, get more than 4 hours sleep and honour my spirit. Jheeze!

My days are often full and I sometimes ask ‘so what is it I’ve really done today?’.

I don’t really have much downtime where I’m still. There’s not much silence in my day.

At the moment things are ever changing. I’m beginning to action things I would usually procrastinate on. I’m really starting to take small leaps of faith. It’s mad!

I’m so sleep deprived it’s a joke, but through it I’ve been so inspired and charged by positive people and happenings. This has kept me going.

I’m currently in a life position where I have no choice but to honour my spirit. I mean, I do have a choice really but I’m not giving myself an opportunity to back out.

This year alone has presented some challenges but out of those challenges I’ve held on to my faith a lot more. I’ve held onto self belief and I’ve really had to. I’ve also been blessed to have people who care about me breathe life into me. Many times, people have unknowingly gifted me with fresh eyes.

This week is the start of Ramadan. I’m not Muslim but I love the notion of people coming together to pray for peace, strength and a stronger connection to God. I’ve had a number of Muslim friends offering me prayers to help sustain me through challenging times and it occurred to me, ‘faith’ is the anchor of goodness. Not particularly having ‘a’ faith but ‘having’ faith. What you had faith in or for may not have worked out in your favour; but I’m sure along the way you may have thought about things in a different way or you may have come out stronger than you imagined. Having faith can bring focus and determination amongst other things. My personal faith and spiritual faith has shown me new things about myself that I really like. Faith others have in me I’m starting to connect with. I’m starting to realise what they see. I say this because there have been many times when I’ve lacked faith in myself. I doubted. I didn’t believe. Even with this blog, I didn’t believe I’d be good at it (I know it’s only been a matter of days) but I’ve made the start. I took the leap of faith.

Far too often I’ve cared far too much about what others have thought. This has often deterred me from doing things. Don’t get me wrong, certain opinions will of course affect me but it’s what I choose to do is important.

I truly have faith I can achieve all I put my mind to, especially if it’s from the heart.

I must remember to keep the faith and when I feel I’m slacking I need to listen to Micheal Jackson’s and George Michael’s songs about faith! 😜

Have a great day everyone.

FAITHfully yours,


12 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Loved reading this Nat!!! It is all about faith and believing in ourselves. I’m really trying to teach this to our kids that they can become anything they believe they can be. πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ˜˜ looking forward to reading the next one x

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  2. Bingeing on your blog, in reverse order (cos I’m a rebel like that) loving your style of writing, it’s definitely a calling and this particular article spoke to me. I began wanting to give you words of comfort as you mentioned challenging times, but on the premise of spiritual growth, I hope that you become wiser than you already are! Well done missus x x


    1. Thank you Louise. Hearing this from you gives me such a boost. I wish you well and thank you for taking time out to read my offerings. I hope to continue with more enjoyable content. Much love as


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