Short reads: Heavy

During some of my days, it sometimes feel as though my heart becomes heavy. I mean literally becomes heavy. It may sound odd or weird but this is how it feels. I can feel the weight bearing down inside of me. Whenever I feel sadness, it feels as though my heart is swelling. When I feel joy, I can feel my heart filling up. I’m a sensitive individual so I feel plenty.

Of recent I’ve been paying close attention to the heaviness and being mindful of what is causing the load that is being carried. I’ve attempted writing down a few things as I have taken a step back when it comes to expressing myself. This act alone isn’t entirely healthy, especially as I am usually an advocate for speaking up. I’ve developed my skills at becoming protective of my heart and in turn I am potentially causing my heart to feel heavy as a result. Nuts! I know! I intend to work on this as I know this is not good, but, if I’m honest, I simply feel that not everyone has the capacity to care about what I have to say or how I feel, so I try to say less. Those that have shown up for me have demonstrated they care, but I feel for them. I feel as though I sound like a broken record and I am concerned about this. This concern has also led me to try and say less.

Through the feeling of ‘heaviness’ I still acknowledge ‘gratitude’. I’m grateful for all I have and all that is keeping me well. I am grateful for love directed my way and my ability to offer love whenever I can. Gratitude is such an anchor and has helped me greatly through all states.

To anyone reading this and feeling ‘heavy’, you are not alone. I hope you positively find a way to lighten the load.

If you’re not feeling a sense of ‘heaviness’, please remember that everyone is carrying something. Kindness, compassion and empathy can be real life magic. When used, it can make the world of difference to someone. Be someone’s magic and not their curse!

Thank you for being with me through my words.

Have a blessed day.


2 thoughts on “Short reads: Heavy

  1. I know what you mean when you say ‘sounding like a broken record’.
    I feel like this is me!
    I too have been saying less about my woes as I don’t want people to think I’m just saying the same s**t on different days.

    But I must say, I do have a select few who I can really talk to and you are definitely one of them.

    Love you nuff nuff


    1. Those select few are so appreciated. We give thanks for them.
      Thank you for entrusting me and thank you for listening to me whenever I’ve needed to vent. Love you big time. ❤❤❤


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